Candle Business: Pouches For Your Candle Refills

Candle Business: Pouches For Your Candle Refills

Apr 15, 2024Roxie Hsu

For your candle refill packaging needs, we have some great options to consider. Our recyclable pouches are designed to meet your specific requirements while ensuring convenience and functionality.

Microwave Safe

All our stock recyclable pouches are made of mono PE laminate without foil, making them microwave-safe. You can easily heat your candle refill pouches in the microwave without worrying about any adverse effects on the packaging.

Recyclable Stand Up Pouch 4 oz

This pouch combines convenience, eco-friendliness, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for packaging your candle refills. The wide opening of the pouch facilitates effortless filling of your candle refills, while the heat seal at the top ensures a tight seal without the need for additional equipment or accessories.

No Heat Seal at Top

Our recyclable block bottom pouches are intentionally designed without a heat seal at the top. This means that the top of the pouch is left open, providing easy access for filling and sealing your candle refills. 

Recyclable Block Bottom Pouch 12oz with Pocket Pull Zipper

No Zipper

Alternatively, you can consider our Recyclable Side Gusset Pouch that comes with no zipper and an open top. This eliminates the need for additional sealing equipment and ensures a sleek, seamless look for your candle refill packaging. For closure, you can look into tin-ties or a resealable sticker that matches your branding and aesthetics.

Recyclable Side Gusseted Pouch 16 oz

Based on your specific requirements, we recommend trying our Recyclable Side Gusseted Pouch 16 oz. This pouch does not feature a zipper or a heat seal at the top, providing a hassle-free solution for your candle refill packaging needs.

For Pouches with Valves

If you're considering pouches with valves for your candle refills, it's essential to note that these valves vent gas one way from the inside out. While this helps maintain the freshness of your candles, there may be a slight scent leakage through the valve. Additionally, when placed in the microwave, wax may leak out of the valve as the pouch heats up.

With our range of recyclable pouch options, you can confidently choose the one that best suits your needs, knowing that it offers both convenience and functionality for your candle refill products.

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