100% Recyclable Valve

Recyclable Side Gusseted Pouch 2 lb with Valve




  • Made from recyclable monotype materials, fully customizable.
  • Fully recyclable under recycling stream#4 or as soft plastics.
  • High barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, light and aroma.
  • Slender minimalist style suitable for coffee, tea, and pet treats.
  • K-seal bottom enables the pouch to stand up with ease
  • Add-on recyclable CO₂ degassing valve for coffee beans.

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Case Dimensions (inch) 20.1"x16.14"x12.2"
Case Weight (lb) 25.40
Case Pack 500
Thickness 4.8 mil


PE Duplex High Barrier Laminate

Recyclable mono PE laminate with good barrier properties against oxygen and moisture. This recyclable pouch is made from a mono-material (made using only one type of polymer) suitable for recycling in either #4 or soft plastic streams.


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Are you able to do custom order? What is the minimum quantities?

We offer flexible minimum quantities depending on your customization needs. The lead time for your order will vary based on the requested quantities and printing methods. Contact our customer support via Chat or fill out the Custom Order Form for additional assistance.

Can I customize the pouch to have zipper?

We offer flexible minimum quantities for all custom orders. Depends on your specific customizations, we can offer you a quote for adding or removing zipper styles. Contact our customer support via Chat or fill out the Custom Order Form for additional assistance.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Our standard processing time is 1-3 days. For standard UPS ground shipping, please allow 5-8 business days for delivery. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation containing tracking information for your shipment. Free shipping for order $350+.

Are your bags microwavable?

All our stock pouches made without foil can go into the microwave as long as the pouches are not sealed or zipped.

These stock pouches include all of our recyclable pouches (PE Duplex High Barrier Laminate), white kraft compostable pouches (High Barrier Paper PLA 2-ply Laminate), and pouches that are clear (Clear Glossy Laminated) and kraft stand up pouch with window (Kraft Clear Glossy Laminate).

Can your compostable pouch be heated?

The compostable bags are not designed for heating since the bags will decompose and deteriorate at a certain temperature. Alternatively, you may consider our Recyclable Pouch which can be used in a microwave as long as the pouch is not sealed.

What is your return policy?

Any incorrect shipment, shipping damage, or order discrepancies must be reported within 5 days of receipt. Returns are not accepted after 30 days from the date of purchase. All returns and exchanges must adhere to the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) procedures or they will not be accepted. Please refer to the RMA Procedures below for instructions on returning merchandise.

Do you offer terms for bulk order?

We offer terms to customers who place orders exceeding $500 per order and have a total annual sales volume of over $5,000. To proceed, we will provide a credit application for you to complete. Additionally, special pricing may be available based on specific circumstances.

Are your products home compostable?

They're made of OK compost home certified material, however, we suggest industrial composting because according to the latest findings, home composting conditions are unstable, and in reality, not many consumers know the proper way of home composting.

These bags are thick after lamination, and under improper and unstable home composting conditions, the composting process may take much longer. 

Case Dimensions (inch) 20.1"x16.14"x12.2"
Case Weight (lb) 25.40
Case Pack 500
Thickness 4.8 mil