Bespoke Packaging Matters

Let EFP do the magic change for your packaging

Our value is to make sustainable packaging accessible & attainable

In busy markets, where packaging design influences brand value and purchasing decisions, how your packaging works and looks is key to any successful sales strategy. 

At EFP, we want to work with you to develop sustainable packaging solutions that meet your needs and budget while saving our planet.

We are able to customize packaging made in exceptional styles, product-specific sizes and distinguishing layouts to give off an eye-catching visual appeal with the highest quality and service at affordable pricing.


Benefits of Digital Printing

It's the solution you've been wanting for a short run of your latest special flavors, new product lines, or seasonal products.

No Minimum Quantities

Digital printing allows you to try out new designs without committing to big order quantities.

No Plate Charges

Short print runs or changes to your artwork no longer mean added costs and obsolete printing plates. Create unlimited SKUs without worrying about the costs.

No Color Limit

No matter how many colors your design requires, digital printing will deliver crisp, vibrant colors, ensuring that your products are visually appealing to your customers.

Shorter Lead Time

No plates or setup time means shorter lead times. As a result, you can get your products to market faster.

Maximum Flexibility

With lower minimum order quantity comes a higher degree in flexibility. With digital printing, you have the flexibility to design packaging to accommodate the most diverse products.
Think Big. Start Small.

Custom Printing Options

Who says big ideas always require big investments? Let EFP help you realize your big ideas with minimum order quantity but maximum flexibility and sustainability. We offer an exclusive range of low MOQ packaging options that are perfect for brands just starting out or looking to start from small volumes. 

All custom orders are made overseas and will have longer transit time.

Low-volume short-run

Hot stamping

  • 1-2 colors color limit
  • Small print coverage
  • Good printing quality
  • MOQ 500pcs
  • Required plate charge
  • 2 weeks production lead time
Low-volume short-run

Custom label

  • No color limit
  • Full label coverage
  • Great printing quality
  • MOQ 500pcs
  • No plate charge
  • 2 weeks production lead time
Low-volume short-run

Digital Printing

  • No color limit
  • Full label coverage
  • Great printing quality
  • MOQ 500pcs
  • No plate charge
  • 2-3 weeks production lead time
High-volume long-run

Rotogravure Printing

  • 10 colors
  • Full pouch coverage
  • Excellent printing quality
  • MOQ 5,000pcs
  • Require plate charge
  • 4-5 weeks production lead time


Flexible packaging is a non-rigid packaging, a bag or pouch that is used to protect a variety of different products.  Unlike a rigid package like a jar or can, flexible packaging is “flexible” in nature and can easily change shape to save shelf-space.

You have a few options!  You can either click here to get a free quote, or you can contact our team directly at (323) 642-7610‬, and we will connect you with a sales representative in your area.

Yes, we ship all over the world.  Obviously there will be additional shipping costs depending on where you’re sending it and how much packaging there is to ship, but we’ll work with you finding the most cost effective solution.

Our product range and manufacturing partners continue to expand, evolve and innovate.  If you are after uniquely shaped pouches, enquire with us now and our team will assist you in sourcing the right solution for your business.

Yes, there will be quantity breaks which means the more you order, the less the unit cost.  Once you’ve decided on a product and design, we will work on quoting options so you can make an informed cost decision.  Keep in mind that there are costs associated with the number or colors and initial print set up.

We offer the most competitive pricing for all customers and offer free shipping for orders with more than $350.  Please call for large quantity inquiries and our sales team will be more than happy to look into additional discounts if possible. 

Yes, sample requests are available.  Please simply click “Sample Request” button located next to the “Add to Cart” button under each product page.  

Samples are free of charge but there will be a flat shipping charge.  Please note that each sample request has a maximum number of product types and quantity per item. 

Still not sure what you want?

No sweat, contact us and we will guide you through design process and packaging options.